America’s got talent?

I watched tv last night which is a little unusual for me.  Give me a good book anytime over television.  But for some reason, I watched this show, which has contestants doing things like imitating animal sounds (!!!), he got bleeped off really fast as did the next woman who sang some song in the cracks where notes had never been.  I had really expected that sort of thing  when I tuned in to that program on the premise that people will do anything for their fifteen minutes of fame and I was about to give up and go read.

 But then, this man came on.  He had been a singer and he loved it.  Not particularly as a professional, you understand, but he loved singing.     He had an accident eleven years ago and had the cords to his voice box severed.  Doctors told him that he would never talk again, let alone sing, but he was determined they were wrong and for eleven long years, he never gave up his dream that he would sing again.  I’m no professional about singing whatsoever, but I know when a vocalist really hears a song and sings with such emotion that he or she actually reaches through the room and touches the audience’s hearts.  He did.  He was remarkable. He started to sing and the audience started to boo so intensely that you could hardly hear him.  But he just ignored them and sang his heart out.

 You who know me know I am not openly or wildly emotional, but I was so glad I heard this man  and  I found myself leaning forward in my chair and hoping the audience could hear him, too. The boo’s began to fade and you could feel (yeah, through the tv honestly)  they quieted down and then started to cheer as wildly as they had jeered before.  There were tears in his eyes and mine as well as the judges and probably most of the audience as he finished his song.   I was just thrilled he got all three judges to say yes to his talent. I don’t know what happens to the contestants when they get the nod, but it’s obviously good.  So now I’ll have to watch that show again to find that out.  I will.

  I guess it’s a lot like life; you have to sort through a lot of junk to find something valuable, but when you find that one thing (or one singer)  it’s way worth the work and dirt and time and hogcallers you had to sift through to find it. 

I’ve grown more cynical through the years and I don’t expect much from people any more.  It’s easier for me just to tone down my expectations and start the ‘booing’ process before I give anyone a chance. Less disappointments, I guess.   But you know, that’s a mistake.  When I take time to pray and ask God to let me see things from His viewpoint and really begin to listen with my heart and look at the people in my life with joy and anticipation and without preconceived notions, it’s amazing to me how often God surprises me with joy and my world changes.  I’m so glad I’ve learned that.  You should try it.  It’s a good way to live.


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